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RuffRuff App RuffRuff App by Tsun

NEW ERA 59FIFTY baseball cap with a sports-style Lafayette team logo embroidered on the front, piping on the crown and panel/visor in 3 colors.
Adopting New Era's representative baseball cap model 59FIFTY, which is once again attracting attention due to its return to the origins of street style.
"WORLD GAMES" is embroidered on the side panel and the LFYT logo is embroidered on the back.
The flashy look with piping and multi-coloring is reminiscent of the good old hip-hop scene from the late 90's to the early 2000's.

・NEW ERA collaboration baseball cap with a custom feel with particular attention to coloring and piping ・Adopts the universally appealing NEW ERA 59FIFTY model that goes well with the street style ・High-impact design with sports motifs placed throughout finish

Material Polyester/Cotton


The main concept of LFYT, which started in 2003, is to give you a feel of New York.
A full collection designed based on Street, Hiphop, Skateboards, Grafitti, and Black Culture will be released each season.

"NEW YORK CITY" is the central city of America, consisting of Manhattan, where "Lafayette Street" is located, as well as Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island.

It is also a melting pot, with many different ethnic groups, and new things are being created every day.
Starting from NYC, we create a chain of connections through events and collaborations with artists.

From the "PRIVILEGE NEWYORK" store in NYC - Lower East Side, which is also the flagship store of the "LFYT" brand, we are expanding our influence to America, Japan, and Asia.
Since the opening of FIRST STORE in Lafayette, we have continued to convey our unique identity to the world while carving out the important history of growing up with the local community.

The main concept of the brand is to get a feeling of NYC.
We want to express NYC though our own eyes.
Styles throughout differ all areas of NY but we try to release items that can relate to all styles and regions.

LFYT Worldwide!

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