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NEW ERA New York Mets 2000 World Series 59FIFTY

NEW ERA New York Mets 2000 World Series 59FIFTY

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59FIFTY cap, a style representing New Era

New Era's classic baseball cap is an icon of sports and street culture, and is attracting attention for its return to the origins of street style.

New Era [New Era]

Manufacturer of the only official cap for American Major League Baseball, and one of the world's largest streetwear headwear and apparel brands.

brand history

In 1920, Erhard Cook founded the E. Cook Cap Company. The only funds available at the time were $500 borrowed from his sister Rose and $500 borrowed from Joe Amelien, a colleague at John Miller Cap Co., where Erhard worked before founding the company. Amelien later became the first employee of the E. Cook Capp Company. The business started 14 years ago, including Rose, and Erhard and Rose's sons also started working when they were in high school. In 1922, the company name was changed to New Era Cap. This was a time when the concept of ready-to-wear was becoming popular, and the company manufactured men's casual caps and uniform caps. In 1934, New Era produced its first professional baseball cap for the Cleveland Indians. In the 1940s, they were producing caps for various teams. New Era produced a plain cap as the base, onto which other sporting goods manufacturers sewed their own brand labels.

In 1950, the company became the only hat manufacturer to supply products to major sports, producing products for the Brooklyn Dodgers, Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Indians, and Detroit Tigers. In 1974, 20 of the 24 major league teams signed contracts with New Era, and business was steadily expanding. In 1978, the company placed an advertisement in a newspaper saying that for $12.99 you could get the same cap as a professional player, and it received a huge response. In the late 1980s, it became popular among baseball fans to wear the same caps as professional players. In 1991, New Era was chosen to be the exclusive supplier of MLB on-field caps to several companies. The official professional cap collection ``Diamond Collection'' has been renamed ``Authentic Collection,'' and the logo of the batter's silhouette, which is still used today, will be placed on the back of the cap. Additionally, only official product suppliers were allowed to use the Authentic Collection name. In 1993, the company acquired exclusive rights to manufacture on-field caps for all MLB teams. It later became the league's official supplier. Offices were subsequently opened in the UK, Japan and Austria. Currently, it has grown into one of the world's largest headwear and apparel brands and is widely known in the street fashion world.

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